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Effective Team Creator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249357D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-20
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Effective Team Creator: Web system to find the right team.

Every day we solve problems or we want to improve something, we might have ideas to solve them or we might need to find the solution. It does not matter in which case we are, the truth is that for everything we do, 90% of the time we need a team; but the most important thing is to have THE RIGHT TEAM.

The right team means we should have people interested in our project, people with the skills to accomplish what we want, experts, beginner minds and people with different backgrounds and thinking styles. The diversity of the group will allow generating more options about how to solve the problem, the more ideas we have the more opportunities to succeed. After the divergence process, it comes the convergence, which is moving from many options to one innovative idea.

The issue this invention is trying to solve is how the people find the right team, it happens that somebody has an idea but it is stuck in the “finding a team” loop [Figure 1].

Figure 1

This invention is about developing a web system in which all FoM people have the possibility to find the right people to form effective teams. The system will be bidirectional, it means: the system allows users to find people who are interested in participate in other projects and they can be found by searching skills [Figure 2]; but also a single user will be able to see all the available projects in the “project pool” section in order to add itself in a particular pr...