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Remote Foldable Rear Seats Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249366D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-21
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Remote Foldable Rear Seats

When customers need to use the rear end of the car in full storage capability, a lot of actions are needed to set the interior up. Firstly, open the trunk, then release the seats lock mechanism, fold the seats and finally the rear interior room is in its maximum capacity to put things into the car.

An automatic system is proposed to simplify the interior storage configuration. It is based on a mechanism that can be activated remotely and releases the seat lock system to allow the automatic folding. 

Figure 1: System explanation.

As shown in Fig. 1 the proposed system is based on a remote emitter (1) that provides a signal which is received on a receptor module (2), this signal is sent to a processor module (3) to finally activate an electromechanical actuator (4) that releases the locking seats system (5). Once the seat has been released a preloaded spring (6) pushes the seat downwards.

With this invention the customer satisfaction will be improved by easing the usability, reducing actions to complete tasks, optimizing the functional space and working remotely.

Figure 2: Optimized space.

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