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Intelligent Printing System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249375D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-22
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Disclosed is a printing system that intelligently detects when the ink is low in one color cartridge and then suggests an alternate text font color in order to fully utilize the remaining ink cartridges.

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Intelligent Printing System

A user can be frustrated when wanting to print a document, but finding that certain colors in the ink cartridge are low. The document may not be printed with the desired quality due to the lack of ink. There is a need to address such issue and intelligently utilize the remaining ink in the cartridges.

The novel system intelligently suggests changing the text font color in order to fully utilize the remaining ink cartridge. It first takes into consideration the existing images in the document, if any. It then takes into consideration the paper color in the printer tray. The system provides the user with a list of color choices by considering different possible individual or combinations. The user makes the desired selection, and then the system prints the document in the user-selected color.

In a preferred embodiment, the system: 1. Evaluates any color contained in a present image 2. Calculates the remaining ink available in the cartridge 3. Evaluates the color and the texture of the paper in the paper tray 4. Deducts the amount of the ink that will be used to print the image first 5. Calculates the possible colors that can be generated by using different combinations

from the remaining ink cartridge (e.g., red plus blue generates a purple color) 6. Compares these colors to the existing images in the document 7. Ranks each color based on which create the best display with the image 8. Compares these colors with the color of the paper in the print...