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Fluidics Impactor Method for PedPro System Evaluation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249397D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-23
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Fluidics Impactor Method for PedPro System Evaluation


A large water mass impact to a vehicle’s pedestrian protection sensory system initiated a safety system

response at a driver training facility. The facility utilized water columns to simulate nondestructive

obstacles that are strategically introduced with short warning to the driver during training exercises.

The device and method proposed are to evaluate and address fluidic impact robustness to pedestrian

protections systems. This led to development of a test apparatus that replicates the dynamic

characteristics of the large water mass(es) as it initiating contact to the vehicle’s safety systems. This

development provides a controlled environment for rapid setup and aligns with existing test procedures

to offer enhancements to the safety system’s performance.

The Apparatus regulates and controls fluid flow to generate an adjustable wall or columns of water.

Pressure and flow rate are regulated by intake pumps. Exit ports offer water flow to desired

dimensions, pressure release, and flow rate. Each exit port is independent and can offer combined

configurations of water mass as it distributes impact loading to the front face of a vehicle.

The system is positioned at a sub-terrain level to permit the test vehicle to travel freely over the ground

surface. The apparatus is stationary permitting the vehicle to approach the water obstacle at desired

test speeds and angles and the data acquisition system will be mounted on the test vehicle.

Test Setup and Methodology:

This method consists of a test fixture, as seen in figure 1; pressure pump, water flow regulat...