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Optimizing the Balance Between Stiffness and Toughness in PP/EPR Blends by Incorporation of Alpha Nucleating Agents Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249407D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-23
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ExxonMobil high melt flow polypropylene, PP9999ss (MFR 65, ASTM D1238 230°C, 2.16 kg) was mixed with commercial nucleating agents (NAs) and ethylene-propylene rubber to prepare nucleated PP/EPR blends. Incorporation of alpha nucleating agents (α-NAs) in PP/EPR blends results in simultaneous improvement of stiffness and toughness. It was found to be an effective method to optimize the balance of stiffness and toughness and help to expand the PP or ICP market in automotive application and other fields. Among these α-NAs, NA-11 [sodium 2, 2'-methylene-bis-4, 6-di-t-butylphenylene) phosphate] works outstandingly and successfully to achieve 20% increase on stiffness and 80% increase on toughness in PP9999ss/MDV91-9 blends.

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Optimizing the Balance Between Stiffness and Toughness in PP/EPR Blends by 

Incorporation of Alpha Nucleating Agents 

Lanya Cheng, Ling Ge, Sudhin Datta, Yiping Ni, Peite Bao

ExxonMobil Chemical Company, 5200 Bayway Drive, Baytown, Texas 77520 

Abstract: ExxonMobil high melt flow polypropylene, PP9999ss (MFR 65, ASTM D1238 230°C, 2.16 kg)  was  mixed  with  commercial  nucleating  agents  (NAs)  and  ethylene‐propylene  rubber  to  prepare  nucleated PP/EPR blends. Incorporation of alpha nucleating agents (α‐NAs) in PP/EPR blends results in  simultaneous  improvement of  stiffness and  toughness.  It was  found  to be an effective method  to  optimize the balance of stiffness and toughness and help to expand the PP or ICP market in automotive  application  and  other  fields.  Among  these  α‐NAs,  NA‐11  [sodium  2,  2’‐methylene‐bis‐4,  6‐di‐t‐ butylphenylene) phosphate] works outstandingly and successfully to achieve 20% increase on stiffness  and 80% increase on toughness in PP9999ss/MDV91‐9...