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Software signature creation based on cognitive social media analysis

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249413D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-24
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Software signature creation based on cognitive social media analysis

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Software signature creation based on cognitive social media analysis

Creating software discovery signatures is complex and time consuming task. There is no single source of signatures for all products and their releases. This is why people who need to create such signatures often use community forums to collaborate in order to identify and share information about potential software discovery signatures. Not all signatures suggested are valid and amount of text to read and analyze make this very difficult task. We suggest to use cognitive analysis to check major vendors as well as other well known tech community forums related to software asset management and discovery in order to identify potential signature candidates suggested by community members.

The core idea of this invention is to leverage cognitive analysis on software related community forums. The results of the analysis will be a list of potential software discovery signatures. Such signatures will be tested and verified in virtual environment and only confirmed signatures will be automatically added to software catalog. Such approach allows to expand software catalog with high quality content without any effort, but still using human suggested candidates which are automatically verified.

1) Customer would provide a list of software products that need discovery signatures

2) System performs analysis against pre defined IT social media looking for above defined software list

3) System builds list of potential disc...