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Customized reminder system based on Cognitive System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249418D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-27
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This artical presents a reminder system which generates reminder messages that can inspire people to take action for the reminder. The system collects user's profile and his presonal data and daily acitivities, and generage inspiring reminder messages based on them which can touch people.

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Customized reminder system based on Cognitive System

There are many reminder systems in our life. For example, when you register a online education class, You will receive a remind message through your email or other communication tools. And after you can not complete your class or your task on time, You will receive a message from the online class site . But the message is very humdrum and all of them are built from a simple template. The messages just sth like 'you have not made any progress for two weeks, remind you to continue'

But all the messages are not inspiring and can not make you back to your class. So we need a new way to build a real inspiring message or reminder which will be customized for every single person.

Instead of generating the message by the template model, the customized reminder system based on Cognitive System generate the reminder message by user's personal data. It provided a smart way to build the message: The system will be granted to read some personal info from social applications or other info you shared on the open website. It will generate the remind message from this information. Like the aphorism from your favorite person, the word you talked to other relative, all this info will help the new reminder system to generate the most inspiring remind message to you.


Example Scenario 1:

John love traveling to other countries and he always told his girlfriend Alice that he want to travel to USA someday. Now he choose to attend an online English learning class to preparing for the future travel plan. After three month learning, John feel very tired and think about to cancel the course. He need some new way to remind him his goal in a new way.

The cognitive reminder system has been granted to read his chat log and generate a reminder message from the chat...