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Outgoing phone call transfer agent based on Bluetooth Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249422D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-27
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In our daily life, someone might borrow our mobile phone to make a phone call, then we have to give our phone to him until he is finished the call. It is not secure and private, because he might rob our phone or see the private information. In this disclosure, we provide a method that call transfer agent based on Bluetooth to share phone call without phone itself. User who share call service is an agent, he can transfer the incoming and outgoing voice message to the actual caller. Using Bluetooth can keep the distance within an acceptance range between agent and caller. The call will be hang up if the distance is over Bluetooth range.

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Outgoing phone call transfer agent based on Bluetooth

Outgoing call transfer from a Bluetooth device to target phone, require 3 participators: the calling Bluetooth device A, a smart phone B and the target phone C. A doesn't need to access the cellular network, but Bluetooth connection is necessary. B must be a smart phone that install a extended dial application and a voice recognition module. C is a normal cell phone or telephone landline.



Before the process, A need to connect with B via Bluetooth. If A is also a smart phone, then A could use the extended dial application to send the calling request to B. If A is not a smart phone, but only a normal Bluetooth device, then A can send the calling request to B, then the voice recognition module of B can analyze the request and proceed the calling to C.

After B calling to C, C will answer B, and start the conversation, but B will not involve in this conversation. B will directly transfer the voice message between A and C.

To end the conversation, A, B or C can do it. If anyone of them stop the session, then conversation is ended.

There are 2 methods to implement the idea: Method 1: Extend the existing dial application, after BT connection between A and B, long press dial button will show the choice of calling C by B.

Method 2: A is not a smart phone, just a normal Bluetooth device that can receive and send voice message. Then after A connect with B via Bluetooth, A can send voice message to B in order to call C.