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Method and Apparatus to Enable Mobile Phone Controllers for Remote Controller Replacement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249425D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-27
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Remote-controllers are frequently used at one or multiple rooms in one house. The existing solutions lead to many drawbacks such as occlusion, detached user experience, and hard to learn new control. To address such issues and improve user experience, this disclosure proposes to use a smart device with features of generating smart tutorial to reduce the effort in learning new remote-controller, easily switch panels between appliances by perceiving the location, position, posture of itself and appliances in room, and generate adaptive user interfaces for smart device to achieve the best user experience.

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Method and Apparatus to Enable Mobile Phone Controllers for Remote Controller Replacement

Remote-controllers are frequently used in daily life. It is the age of transformation by Internet-of-Things (IoT), but traditional appliances and traditional remote-controllers with infrared ray or radio frequency are still widely used around the world. Companies are producing centric devices to replace the traditional remote-controllers, however, there are many drawbacks: 1) occlusion, especially in infrared ray; 2) detached user experience, lose the users who are still using traditional remote-controller; 3) hard to learn, users have to learn new control buttons one by one. Therefore, it is desired to have a more user-friendly and intelligent solution to learn and replace the remote-controllers.

This solution proposed in this disclosure is built with a multi-touch device with 9-axis sensors, gyroscope, camera, and internet module, a compute unit, an extra module which can send/receive infrared ray/radio frequency signal.

With camera of device and product repository , the device can recognize the patterns on one traditional remote-controller by words, icons, layout, etc. It will also help to identify the appliance. If the product or producer is identified, the user manual (mainly in the format of text and figures) will fulfill the descriptive attributes for the buttons on the remote-controller. The buttons will be grouped by their descriptive attributes. A learning tutorial will be generated for unknown remote-controllers. Figure 1 shows the process of identifying the product and generating tutorial for known and unknown remote-controllers. T...