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Method to facilitate stickers selection on social networking Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249428D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-27
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This disclosure discloses the innovated method how Instant Messenger analyze the chatting context, and automatically search the related stickers and then push to the users, which is the best-match to express the users' feeling. Also, this disclosure implements the learning mechanism of stickers suggestion and automatically make the animated file for the users during chatting.

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Method to facilitate stickers selection on social networking

Nowadays, people like to chat on Instant Messenger applications. They also like to send the stickers to describe his/her feelings during chat, like funny big smile, shy sticker, or cheer up stickers. However, the current stickers are categorized by official sticker providers or creators, this makes the users need to spend time to search a large pool of stickers manually, choose the sticker that best represents the emotion or feeling the user whishes to convey. Hence, this turns out the user is always use the same sticker for convenience.

Our invention is to provide the method that the Instant Messenger applications can analyze chatting context, and search the related stickers and push to users, which will best-match to express what user is feeling during the chat.

Claim point: Continuously analyze the keywords of chatting context, and search the related stickers for users, which will be the best-match to express what user is 1. feeling. Based on the context of content, push the precise sticker to the user to express the feeling appropriately2. Implement the learning mechanism to suggest the sticker what the user needs 3. Search on on-line video provider to make an animated gif to suggest user4.

Advantage: To help the users save time to find out which stickers is more suitable1. To increase fun during chat by providing the animated gif of hot topics2. To help increase visibility of other invisible companies, this makes them are easy to promote their brand 3.