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A Cognitive System and Method to Learn My Clothing Style for Events

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249432D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-27
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Disclosed is a system which a user may employ to help plan what clothing to wear that is suited towards the events of the day. This is achieved by first building an understanding of the user's sense of style by digitising their wardrobe; this generates clothing suggestions which are then influenced by the day's weather data and calendar events (gathered from social media or personal calendar data). Data concerning what the user chose to wear on a particular day can then be used in a feedback loop to refine the understanding of the user's style by analysing how and when the user chooses to wear their clothing.

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A Cognitive System and Method to Learn My Clothing Style for EventsChoosing the most suitable clothing items for a day or an event is challenging. There are many factors, sometimes conflicting, which need to be considered to finally choose an item of clothing to wear. Although the preferred clothing style plays an important role in the final decision, the event and external factors also affect the final choice. Disclosed is a system that aims to enable people to easily choose their outfit for the day, taking into consideration such factors as events, weather and personal style. The system learns the value that the person places on these factors when making decisions and makes suggestions accordingly.This invention contains four phases. The first phase determines the contents of the personal wardrobe. The second phase learns the person's choices from the wardrobe based on an event or day schedule. In the third phase the process utilises the results from the second phase to recommend the items of clothing for future events or an upcoming schedule. In the fourth phase the system retrains itself based on the user's feedback on recommended clothing. The phases are as follows:First PhaseTo determine the contents of the person's wardrobe: An image (photo or otherwise) of an item of clothing is analysed by the cognitive system to identify key attributes such as colour and type. This is then stored in the wardrobe knowledge base after confirmation from the person as to its accuracy.Second PhaseLearning the person's style in correlation with events: What a person wears is influenced by both their personal style and how they choose to compromise based on the event or conditions such as weathe...