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Semiconductor Package Routing Angle Check Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249450D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-27
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Disclosed is an idea for software that automatically checks angle sharpness in routing.

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Semiconductor Package Routing Angle Check

There exist rules (both instantaneous and cumulative) for sharp angles of routes in semiconductor packages. Current methods for checking for sharp angles are manual and time-consuming.

The idea is to automatically check sharpness of angles in routing. The novel software scans the design and automatically checks for sharp angles. Automatic sharp angle testing software is faster and more reliable than manual processes to do the same.

The software scans the routing lines in the design, and then identifies places where the instantaneous and cumulative angle of consecutive lines segments is below the sharpness threshold (e.g., 90 or 120 degrees).

The flow chart is 1. software reads signal lines one at a time 2. analyzes along length for both 'instance' angles less than criteria and accumulated short segments between segments of angle less than criteria

a. for each signal line, go through line segments b. for each line segment,

- take arc tangent of it’s coordinates in reverse order - look at next segment, and take arctan of it’s coord’s in forward order - delta between the two arctans is the angle spanning the outer points

- if this instance angle is less than groundrule, report error - else keep looking at next segments and their delta to original angle

- if distance to original segment exceeds criteria, clear - if distance and delta angle does not meet criteria, report error