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Digital License Photo Identity Obstacle to Criminal Deception Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249457D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-27
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Disclosed is a technique to protect the image on a digital driver’s license. The technique uses a guilloche' overlay to prevent removal or manipulation of the image.

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Digital License Photo Identity Obstacle to Criminal Deception

A method is needed to provide security obstacles to prevent fraud of a digital driver's license. For example, in the near future, licenses may be stored on a smart phone and feature a rotating picture of the user's head and face. Criminal deception can occur when a user sends a digital image through a mobile device and changes the picture to fake authorization for privileges.

The novel contribution is a technique inspired by the use of guilloche' overlays that make images hard to replace. The solution places a moving image behind the guilloche' overlay. It is very difficult to extract the overlay from a card post-construction, making it difficult to manipulate the image.