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Method and system to alert a user per city/driving rules and user profile by applying cognitive learning system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249508D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-02
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Disclosed is a mechanism for exchange of data related to user's profile and preference including calendar system, data from city rules and law, driving DB and social media. This system is responsible for applying business rules, analytics to detect any violation from the user and then send notification with remedial action.

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Method and system to alert a user per city /driving rules and user profile by applying cognitive learning system

Problem Statement:

Many times when user is driving and planning to park his car then there can be many situations where user violets one or more parking rules. This could be because he is not aware of a city specific rules or the sign post is not visible or user may be in hurry and forget to pay attention to the detail rules or user may entirely forget to comply with such rules. In such situations, the user is penalized by the current system either through traffic citations or other such means. Our proposed disclosure is to providing a method and system to let users know about such faux pas either productively or before it is too late and enable him to correct his mistake by taking necessary recommended actions.

Following are some of the use cases :

1. User forgets his car on city street, system knows the location of the car and by daily routing it knows that car is usually parked inside the garage but today it is left on the street. System checks for the city rules and finds that if car is left parked on the street between 11 PM till 5 AM there is a fine. The system shall send an alert to the user about the fact that car is still parked outside. If user has left is intentionally, it communicate the same back to the system by acknowledging the notification accordingly. However there is high chance he forgot the car on the street.

2. User is in a new city and not aware of some of the traffic rules {left his car in no parking zone, too close to fire hydrant}, system will send an alert to the user if user is leaving his car is parked mode for a few minutes. The system shall also have the integration with user's calendar to understand if the user is intended to remain in that location for longer period of the time. System will know about the location of the car and it will also know about the possible violations at that location. The system shall give a proactive alert on either user's mobile or car dashboard depending upon the capability and the embodiment.

3. Street sweeping requires an empty street, however if a car is left of the side of the street sweeping within the specific time then user will get a notification, if he leaves his car on the side where street sweeping is planned.

4. If a user in accident with somebody, the system shall immediately provide the user with important rules {CA - person hitting from behind is always at fault; this rule is not true in FL} etc.

5. Car parking is allowed between 9-6 PM but after that time city may issue a ticket, system shall send a reminder to the person ahead of expiry time.

6. You have parked your car on a street where only maximum 2 hours parking is allowed, system shall send you a notification before the expiry of the time.

7. System is integrated with social media, user initially planned to park the car for only 60 minutes and went to a shop which is about 10 minutes walking dista...