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Tracking of goosebumps and chilling effect pattern during cognitive song selection. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249514D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-02
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Method and Framework for detecting and aggregating the degree of goose bump and chilling effects in person's body while listening to music audio or watching videos, filtering false positives. Method and Framework tag the portion of the audios and videos with the degree of goose bump and chilling effects for multiple purposes like helping planning and design the audio/video contents or movies, predicting the success of such music or videos, segmentation of audience to select music or videos and seating arrangements for segmented audience in live concerts, engaging audience before key messages. recommendation of music, videos or movies in social media for similar member profiles within audience segmentation and Tagging of such music content can automatic promote it to user's social collaboration etc..

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Tracking of goosebumps and chilling effect pattern during cognitive song selection .

We are experienced with goosebumps and chilling effect while listening to some music. This is generally happens when something unexpected happens, for example, touchy lyrics or a new instrument enters etc. We become emotionally attached to the song and feel a chilling effect.These can be felt during listening to some music audios or watching the music videos. Following are some supporting links: Ref [1] and Ref [2]

Detail of goosebumps can be found at: Ref [3]

As goosebumps and chilling effect is a skin property, so it is possible to measure with smartwatch. Various sensors, can track degree of goosebumps and chilling effect. So, there is an opportunity to track the goosebumps and chilling effect of every individual to selection appropriate songs. Disclosed is a method and system by which

1. While listening to any music audio or watching music videos (e.g. while watching on YouTube), smartwatch will detect goosebumps and chilling effect of the user through body sensors and accordingly the portion of the audio/video content will be tagged automatically with a flag with goosebumps and chilling effect and degree of goosebumps and chilling effect. Proposed method also detects false positives for goosebumps and has second level of validation for accurate identification of user's response to multi media content

2. Remote server will aggregate the above mentioned personalized data to find the pattern of goosebumps and chilling effect among various user. Following parameters might be considered to derive the pattern

a. Contextual meaning of the lyrics b. Instrument used in the song c. Sound parameters. d. Number of times user gets the effect on the same song e. Demography and profile of the user etc.

3. Music directors, Lyricist etc. can use the above data while designing any new music, and can guesstimate the user’s feedback against different portion of any song before releasing. User can get personalized recommended songs which might give similar experience to the user.

4. During any live concert, the show organizers or singer can identify the profile of the audiences to select appropriate songs dynamically which will satisfy most of the audiences.

5. The show organizer of any live concert can arrange the seating position in such a way that audiences having similar goosebumps and chilling effect are collocated. During allotment of ticket, the organizer can gather user information.

6. This tagging can be an important tool to connect with audience, by engaging them with such Videos, audios before delivering the key messages and interaction.

7. Profile matching can be done on partners compatibility etc and then additional recommendations can be made e.g. 4 users have goose bumps on same video.. then chances are other videos which are so far seen and tagged only by one of them would be liked by other 3 as well.

8. Tagging of such music content can automatic promote i...