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Smart tooth sensor to regulate the oral habits based on neuro transmitters induction Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249516D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-02
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The proposed article discusses on a real time and collobartive - activity tracking , machine learning and taste triggering system to regulate oral habits and food intake to ensure good health . Many of the common diseases like Diabetes, Peptic Ulcer, acidity, mouth cancer, etc are linked to the food that we consume every day. Overweight is also a common problem as calories intake is very much higher than the calories burnt. Tooth sensors can analyze the eating habits, type of food, calorie intake and so on and report real time to the users and the doctors. But it is up to the individuals to change their food habits based on the live reports. In most of the cases, there is no self-control and people often consume food that are not recommended by the doctors. the proposed article helps to adress this .

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Smart tooth sensor to regulate the oral habits based on neuro transmitters induction


We sense different tastes (Salt Sour, Sweet, and Bitter) based on the taste receptor cells on the tongue which are present in the taste buds. The molecules and ions trigger the respective taste buds and stimulates the release of neuro-transmitters to be carried to the brain. These are carried by afferent nerves to the brain and response back from brain is carried by efferent nerves back to the tongue.

The ions are released from the substances that we eat which polarizes the receptor cells to activate the taste sensation. Eg) Sodium ions (Na+) release from Sodium chloride (NaCl) polarizes the taste cells to produce the corresponding taste. Also there are skin sensors which clings to the skin by van der Waals forces and would detect the abnormalities in the blood like glucose levels, pressure, presence of antigens, antibodies, electrical conductance and so on.

Wireless tooth sensor is a very small tattoo like chip that can be attached to the tooth and connected wireless to the smart phones and wearable, these can be taken on and off the tooth as and when needed. This is right now mainly used for monitoring oral health care like cavity, bacterial infection and also to monitor the eating habits, smoking, chewing and so on.

Shortcomings in the existing solutions

Though there are multiple solutions to monitor Oral activity using Tooth Sensors , there is no one solution which apart from monitoring oral activity , also correlates various other inputs like food habits , response to different tastes/food , energy/calories intake , medical history and various real time biological parameters of the user using smart devices and comes up with a solitary decision, which is not just a monitoring result but a corrective action .

Proposed solution

The solution involves enabling the tooth sensors to identify the frequency of food intake by analyzing the jaws motion, chewing frequency, pressure applied by the tooth, swallowing sounds, hand to mouth gestures by applying supervised learning methods with pre-defined training sets. The micro-structure of food intake, ingested mass can also be determined and based on spectral analysis, the nutritional and energy contents of food can also be determined

Implementation steps is as below

1. Tooth sensors which can programmed and connected to other wearable devices like smart watch, smart phones, PDAs, etc.. are attached to a tooth or multiple teeth to have a complete coverage of the mouth

2. The wearable devices like smart watch, smart phones can send and collect data from Tooth sensors and variable other health monitoring sensors like skin sensors.

3. Cameras attached to the smart watch, activity trackers take high quality images of the


food consumed 4. The energy associated with the food that we intake can be calculated with the existing

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