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Method to suggest a TV Program or live event Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249525D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-02
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Disclosed is a mechanism to recommend an upcoming / live event or TV (Television) program when viewer may be busy with some other task. This will also help user deciding which event or TV program he/she should watch whenever there are more than one user’s / family members favorite program being telecasted – which will address viewing priorities of most viewers with minimum or no compromise providing whole family a good bonding experience. Solution will perform a real-time emotion/sentiment analysis during watching current TV program / live event which will be used to create the interest / sentiment repository for each user profile. This will help system to propose/suggest TV program / live event to be telecasted in future.

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Method to suggest a TV Program or live event

We all are living in a competitive era where we have to engage ourselves with different activities. Sometime it happens that we are not able to watch various live media contents in TV (for example Cricket match, Football match, live concert etc.) due to commitment to other tasks engagement. For eg. One user (User X) is already engaged with some other activities, but during that time, live IIFA (International Indian Film Academy ) Awards ceremony is being broadcasted. So he is not able to watch the live Awards ceremony or there is only one TV in his/her family which is being used by other family member to watch some other program. There is no such method or framework which can suggest/alarm a viewer about upcoming event / TV show based upon content analysis of his / her previous excitement level while watching similar type of events or TV shows. Apart from this, there is no existing method or framework which can suggest an event or TV show whenever there are more than one program being telecasted at the same time. This will provide a balanced portfolio for the family which will ensure maximum satisfaction while deciding the program to be watched on TV.

The method and Framework has following features:-

1. Alarm to viewer suggesting upcoming / ongoing live event or media content on TV based upon real time biometric signals from other similar profile users while watching the event / TV program.

2. Adaption of content analysis engine to get the excitement level of users based upon sentiment analysis.

3. A mechanism to suggest a media content on TV to a family based upon balanced viewing preference which will ensure minimum consolidated give-up from each family member – providing a unique bonding experience. This will include the auto-recording of second choiced media content as well.

4. Suggest a right time to effectively use sentiments of viewer to share a personal updates with other family members based upon a consolidated sentiment analysis during watching a TV program.

Following diagram (Fig. 1) depicts a process to get the sentiments of viewers which will be used to group them into similar interest / excitement segments.


Figure 1

Step 1:- Get the information about event / program: - In this step, system will identify the information about the TV program or event which is being watched by viewer. System will identify if there is any signals coming from TV set top box into smart-watch, if yes then it will identify the channel and program information from these signals. If there is no set-top box signals then system will consider it as a live event. We will get the location of the live program via mobile tracker. This information will fed into system which will identify the program watched by viewer.

Step 2:- Get the sentiments of viewer: - In this step, system will get the sentiment or excitement level of viewer about the program being watched by viewer. While watching any live media content in T...