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Method to recommend appropriate parking area in a huge parking lot Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249526D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-02
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Method to recommend appropriate parking area in a huge parking lot

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Method to recommend appropriate parking area in a huge parking lot

Places like Arizona and Nevada see a very high temperature in summer. Parking cars during this time for extended periods of time can cause unfavorable health conditions when it is time to drive cars. These conditions can affect health by causing conditions like heat stroke. System proposes a unique way to solve this by proposing a place where the driver should park the car depending upon factors like length of the stay, time of the day when the car is parked, weather conditions and the health of the driver.

There is no application or indication mechanism for the driver to know where she should park the car based upon her health conditions, weather conditions so that when she comes back to car after a period of time that the conditions in the car do not cause adverse impact to her health.

Example scenario: Places like Arizona see temperatures reach up to 115 during summer. Coming to parked car after 8 hours of office work can increase the car temperature up to 125 or even 130, and this can be very detrimental to the health of driver.

It will be a great value add if users are sent notifications on possible adverse health impacts that he/she might face at the end of parking time.

The core idea centers on giving a notification to driver on where he/she should park the car based upon the weather conditions of the day, her typical stay at the location of parking, and her health conditions. The intention of such notifications is to encourage the driver to propose a place where she should park the car so that any adverse health conditions could be avoided.

For example, if an employee has been sick during a particular week the application would get to know of this by scanning the medical history and will recommend a parking place which is nearer to offi...