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A system and method to migrate applicaiton across mobile devices

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249530D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-02

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The core idea defines a method and system of mobile application context migration, so with the system and a gesture across the two mobile devices the end user can easily to move the application context from the source device (normally exhausted one) to another device. The method is comprising of a gesture design, a OS plugin and APIs To capture the gesture To collect application context To complete the handshake across the devices To transfer the application context To restore the application context

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A system and method to migrate applicaiton across mobile devices

Background & problems Nowadays mobile devices becomes very popular in our daily work and life, now our working and entertainment requirement heavily depends on the mobile application every day.

However the battery of mobile devices normally is not long-lasting, so we always facing suspend our job to charge the exhausted battery of the mobile device.

It is also very inconvenient to transfer file or jobs from one mobile device to another, we have to connect the devices to a computer or cloud storage sometime to transfer a file.

Very few approaches can be used to transfer application context, so that people can switch the job to another device when the battery is exhausted. Usage Scenario





Disclosure Implementation - Architecture


Disclosure Implementation - Main Flowchart



1. Active the connection mode: we active a Bluetooth connection and pair the mobile device together. 2. Once the connection is established then the two device can start migration. 3. If user wants to move an application from one to another, he needs to put two device on a table side by side. 4. Use two fingers slide the application from one device to another, make sure the slides touched both devices. 5. Then first device will noticed user want to migrate the application, and second one will aware there is an coming application migration request and start to accept that request. 6. The first device will then send the request to the target device with application context. If there is a file is opened by the application, it will transfer the file to the target device by Bluetooth as well. 7. The target device will received the request with application context. 8. The target device will restore the application with the application context. After the migration, the application on target device will looks exactly the same with the application on source device. 9. After the migration complete, the source device then close the application

Disclosure Implementation – Gesture Detection


The OS will filter the gesture before sending the gesture action command to application.

Disclosure Implementation - Establish System Connection



Disclosure Implementation - Transfer App’s Context – Source Device



Disclosure Implementation - Transfer App’s Context – Target Device