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A method to operate file with messy code in file name using CLI (command line interface) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249531D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-02
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CLI(command Line Interface) is common inferface used by system operators, but the CLI only provide limited input methods and display capabities. when the file name include some characters that can not be supported in CLI, it will be displayed as messy codes and operator can not take some operation on it. This artical provide a new method to convert the unsupported characters by CLI to printable strings ,and operator can use this new filename to operate that file.

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A method to operate file with messy code in file name using CLI(command line interface)

In system programmer or administrator daily work, they mostly use command line interface to operate system(via ftp, telnet etc). These consoles are only character based ,it only can accept and display some specific characters (for example A-Z,0-9 etc). But most OS(Operating System) can support more characters in its file name. We often see a scenario: A computer operator use "ls "command get a list of file name , but he can not cp/rename/delete/ cat that file, because that file name include some characters that can not be displayed or inputted in that console. The result is: that file become a dead file or operator seek other graphic interface tools to operate that file, which is really bad. 1. Only generate a new mapped file name to file name including unprintable or uninputbale character from that console. 2. The mapped file name is very similar with the original file name. 3. No any side-effect brought to original file system. 4. This method is simple and easy to be implemented. 5. Mapped file name characters set can be configured. 6. This method can be implemented on any console -- any console support 0-9, a-f character. We provide one or a set of facility programs, it uses a mapped file name to operate original file, the mapped file name is very similar with original file name, it is easy to remember. Define a file name converting rule that can convert file name including unprintable or uninputable characters to a file name supported by console input. So operator can input the new file name to operate the original file, and will not bring any side effect on the original file name and the existing file system.

User specifies a character set, which is used as the target file name character se...