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System for Alerting a Car Owner when Left the Vehicle in an Unattended and Unsafe Condition. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249534D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-02
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Method and system to alert the car’s owner that his car has been left unattended in an inappropriate and unsafe conditions for public security. This process is structured in a way that only genuine requests are identified and processed.

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System for Alerting a Car Owner when Left the Vehicle in an Unattended and Unsafe Condition.

Using WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, RFID and historical parking data it is possible to profile each cars parking position within a centralized system using what can be defined a car data vector.

The central system deals with the catalog and the identification of vehicles through the analysis of those data vector data containing in addition to the license plate number also environmental data such as GPS location, Bluetooth id of adjacent cars, Wi-Fi SSID detected nearby, surrounding cars RFID tags and case by case also picture of the parking slot and nearby areas.

When a user has his car stuck launches the identification process of the owner of the offensive car by using a specific mobile app on his phone. This process must first ensure that only genuine cases of unauthorized parking can be identified and only after it starts the alerting procedure for the owner of the offensive machine.

This is made possible with an algorithm (exhibit 1 ) that takes into account all nearby cars data vectors, data from the user’s mobile phone as well as if necessary it triggers the collection of real time pictures from the mobile phone itself enriched by GPS tagging.

Real time data like pictures can be eventually processed by an analytics service in order to extract the correct information to determine with the most accurate precision each car position and role.



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