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Framework for using sentiment analysis in interactive infrastructure administration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249559D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-03
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Typical server provisioning and optimization happens with the use of standard GUI interfaces or the command line tools. An interactive way to do server provisioning using natural language is great. But how about a system that can capture the sentiments of an administrator in its interactions and provision servers accordingly.

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Framework for using sentiment analysis in interactive infrastructure administration

During the server provisioning interactions with the administrator, the interactions are subjected to sentiment analysis also. Such sentiment analysis will help bring out the mood of the administrator and his feelings, either positive or negative, in the course of the interaction, about the operation being performed and the entity in question. Most of the times a simple affirmation would not do. The sentiments leading to an acceptance or a rejection is key. This will assist a cognitive system in a big way in understanding the real essence of the machine interactions with the administrator. The cognitive system would thus move away from being an executor of commands responding to a simple yes or no answer from the user, to an intelligent system that acts upon the environment based on the sentiments leading to it.

How it works:

Below is a brief natural language interaction that describes how the sentiment analysis will be used in server administration. The interaction is between the data center administrator or the technical engineer (User) and the virtual system administrator (Virtual Admin).

User: Please find a configuration suitable to host the workload I have mentioned above.

Virtual Admin: Sure, finding the appropriate server

Virtual Admin: looks like server Jam would be your best fit. Can I go ahead and provision it for you?

User: Oh no, you picked server Jam again! Ok...go ahead. (Sent...