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Intelligent and Cognitive system to advance the execution of workflow among registered devices based on casual conevrsation. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249566D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-03
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Described is a system which captures the casual interactions while walking, eating and etc using devices and detect the next action or commitment made out of it. Further the system analyze all the registered devices for an individual and dervice the action plan and map it to registered device which intents to execute the action plan. The above is done using cognitive intelligence as well historical data analysis on interactions data of an individual with the devices.

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Intelligent and Cognitive system to advance the execution of workflow among registered devices based on casual conevrsation .

In today's era communication are either can be done using either formal way ( email, chat, messages and etc. ) or casually ( talking, group discussion and etc ). Both ways are having their Pros/Cons and need some extra efforts to continue or maintain the conversation. In formal way of communication it is easy to maintain the conversation as we do have everything tracked into the available tools and create follow-up items for us to respond, but in casual talks when we are having lunch, talking in lobby, passing each other and commit something to send/share, it is not easy to maintain the conversation as people tend to forget things and what has to be done with time elapsed.

Hence there is a strong need to a system which can be made available to any kind of devices like your smart watch, mobile phones, and other devices which detect the commitment made by individual by using first speech to text conversation on the on going talk and then analyze it to find the commitment and next actions. Once the actions are determined, devices will talk to all connected devices ( Laptop, Mobile phones ) to execute the partial work flow when they are unlocked with the reminder so end user wont miss what he has committed.

The system described here will make use of network of devices and make them available to each other by registering those to each. The system works in following manner -

1. Detect the Casual conversation on going and convert it to text format. 2. Analyze the content and extract the commitment made by individual into the conversation i.e. "Ok! let me send a message to xxx person", " Oh yes I forgot | let me send this file right away to xxx person" and etc. 3. determine the next communication tool required to complete the workflow and send a signal to all registered device which has that tool available. 4. Once the end user unlo...