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Actionable Insights on Incomplete Discussion Form Multiparty Conversation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249572D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-03
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The system enables user to analyze multi-party conversation to identify incomplete discussion and its various types.

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Actionable Insights on Incomplete Discussion Form Multiparty Conversation

Disclosed is a system that enables to analyze business/social/personal multi-party conversations to identify incomplete discussion. In a multi-party conversations participant discuss various topics with constant context switching due different mindsets and priorities of participants. In such scenarios, many topics are left undiscussed, unnoticed. The system proposed analyses these discussions and identifies discussion where no conclusion has been made. It enables participants to identify type of incompleteness in a conversation. The system will prioritize the incomplete discussion based on audio, visual or other contextual clues like tone, agenda etc. and summarize incompleteness and generate automated reminders for incomplete discussions based on user preferences.

The system aims to defines discussion as sharing of opinions on subjects that are thought during a discussion. These discussions also encompass action items. Action item are a well-documented task or activity that needs to take place. In most of the conversations incompleteness arises when a task is not defined completely. The system will be able to detect such gaps.

Current systems organize, schedule, plan and summarize meetings. No current system identifies incomplete conversation in a multi-party scenario. Figure 1 depicts the architecture diagram of the proposed method:

Figure 1 Architecture Diagram of the proposed system

The system ai...