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System and Method to Avoid Pocket Dialing or Pocket Photographing from a Smart Phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249587D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-07
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Disclosed are a system and method to prevent a smart phone from activating a phone call and taking an unwanted photograph when placed in the user's pocket.

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System and Method to Avoid Pocket Dialing or Pocket Photographing from a Smart Phone

When a user places a smart phone in a pocket (e.g., back pocket) and the device has the call screen open, the user’s movements or position can cause the device to activate the dial function through key presses and place unwanted calls. A method or system is needed to avoid such occasional inadvertent actions.

The novel solution is to incorporate a function that enables the smart phone to detect darkness using the camera. Because, typically, the key press functionality of a mobile phone is not used when placed in a pocket, over time the system can learn more and more features associated with being placed in a pocket versus the occasional instance of when a call or photograph is actually made/taken in the dark. Note that the use case where a user places a call or takes a photograph using voice commands, e.g., via a Bluetooth headset, or from a car connected to the user's phone via Bluetooth, does not constitute using the key press functionality of the device, and hence such calls are not blocked by this invention.

Note that there are many aspects of making a call in the dark versus inadvertently activating a call by "pocket-dialing” (e.g., when pocket dialing, the device can detect pressure on many keys). When pocket dialing, the motion of the camera is typically in the downward direction, while prior to taking a normal photograph there is a preceding upward motion. All of these features are...