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Method for 3D Printer Integrated with Cloud Network for Real Time Fault and Progress Notification Mechanism Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249591D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-07
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Proposed is a method and system to continuously scan a product during three-dimensional (3D) printing to detect instances of improper mapping. When the system detects that the 3D printer is incorrectly extruding the material, then it searches a Cloud database of known problems and possible solutions, and notifies the user via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth* of the problem.

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Method for 3D Printer Integrated with Cloud Network for Real Time Fault and Progress Notification Mechanism

Current three-dimensional (3D) printing technology is restricted to printing the desired product as developed in software interfaced with the 3D printer. The technology does not interact with the product while the 3D printer builds it. The interaction implies that the technology cannot detect the faults that might have occurred in the product while printing it and might require the user to remotely take some necessary actions. This wastes time and resources, as the material is not reusable even if the 3D printing scanner detects the fault while performing diagnostics

The novel contribution is a method and system to use an intelligent camera to continuously scan the product under development. The system detects whether the product is properly mapped. The system can learn from the Cloud database (i.e., database of known faults and fixes) if the cognitive system can find some remedy to rectify the model.

The system detects when the 3D printer incorrectly extrudes the material to the extent that minor molding cannot rectify the problem. The system sends a notification to the user’s mobile phone or other paired device. The system indicates the progress, computed cost, and 3D image along with the incorrect mapping identification. The user can then take necessary actions.

The components and process for implementing this system and method follow: 1. The 3D printer has a Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth* module inside to communicate with the mobile device. Wi-Fi has

priority if the mobile device and other devices are paired with the 3D printer and notification can be received. 2. Bluetooth chip also enables sending the message to the mobile device to take responsive action based on the 3D

printer’s sugge...