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Waiter Assessment System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249595D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-07
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Disclosed is a system to utilize closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems along with cognitive analysis to continuously monitor and assess the performance of restaurant wait staff.

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Waiter Assessment System

Good customer service is an essential component for a successful restaurant. To ensure high quality service, restaurants need a continuous, non-intrusive manner by which to assess the skillset of the wait staff.

Some general wait staff skills assessment formulas follow [1]: · Greeting skills: S+ = HGTY. Good service (S+) includes, "hello, good-bye, and thank you" (HGTY). · The Personality Principle, aka the Rule of Flo: $ = 1/P+C. The amount of personality (P) on display is inversely

proportional to the amount of money diner’s spend, not including a base level of cordiality (C). · Checking In: ? ≠ MF. When to appear and disappear is a fine art, and without a doubt, the least favorite server is

the one who interrupts your mouthful (MF). · Degree of Difficulty: C = $$$. Complexity (C) of server's work (e.g., special cooking skills, knowledge of cuisine,

etc.) · The Mistake Principal: CM ≤ 2(M). The time it takes to correct a mistake (CM) should be equal to or less than

two times the time it took to make the mistake (M).

It is practically impossible for a restaurant owner or head waiter to continuously monitor and assess each waitperson in the previously mentioned metrics. A cognitive system is needed that can assess users and rate the skill sets of the waiter staff in a non-intrusive manner.

The novel solution is to utilize closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems to track subsets of tables and continuously track and monitor the wait staff’s activiti...