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Reinforcement of a carbon fibre composite aperture by insertion of titanium plies

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Publication Date: 2017-Mar-08
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Reinforcement of a carbon fibre composite aperture by insertion of titanium plies

The addition of titanium plies to a feature such as an aperture in a carbon fibre structure has the effect of stiffening the aperture and reducing strains experienced at the edge of the aperture. This is a useful effect to bring down the strains to a permissible level, to maintain the strength of the structure.

The practical advantages of this effect are 1) to provide weight saving, to optimise the overall structure without being constrained by the aperture strains; 2) to increase the load carrying capability of the structure; 3) to improve the damage tolerance capability of the edge of the aperture.

The titanium plies are bonded into the carbon ply stack. The titanium plies can be the same thickness as the carbon plies. Each ply can either replace a carbon ply or be additional to existing carbon plies.

The problem of high local strains, in aperture surrounds, has to date been solved by globally adding plies to reduce overall structure strains, which is weight punitive. The physics of adding a stiffer material to an aperture surround is well understood with the objective of edge strain reduction.


The use of titanium fitting or reinforcements, inserted into composite, is known in the context of bolted joints in high load carrying features.

The introduction of local titanium plies into the surround of an aperture feature in a carbon fibre structure reduces edge strains at the aperture permitti...