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Re-String Destination Runway based on Airport traffic information Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249623D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-08
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Re-String Destination Runway based on Airport traffic information.

In normally scenario, Flight Plan is constructed at ground itself well before take-off, including Descent, Approach and Destination Runway. And during landing, if selected Runway is not free, Aircraft has to HOLD (fly Holding Patterns) in air to consume some time and wait for clearance of Runway from ATC (Air Traffic Control).

Some results from patent search related to runway change:





but not of the above invention, resolves the issue of flying Holding Patterns.

Now with the advent of technologies like ADS-B, new proposal is to use the air traffic & airport information to check the Runway availability at Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) and propose an alternative Runway in case of selected Runway is not free and expected to fly Holding patterns by on-board FMS system to save fuel and time.

A typical flow chart for proposing new Runway using traffic information is as shown below.

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Steps description:

§  1st step is to build desired Flight Plan using Navigation Database.

§  During flight, next step can be initiated when Aircraft is about...