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Method for recognizing multi block speed limit signs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249678D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-16
Document File: 5 page(s) / 520K

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Sethi, Kamal Deep: INVENTOR [+4]


The idea concerns the recognition of speed limit signs containing multiple elements comprising at least one number, at least one pictogram and optional arabic letters in various layouts. Detected circurlar signs are classified into the goups of 'speed limit' or 'speed limit end' signs. A block based classification distinguishes between various layout/content classes. The number feature is extracted and classified as a final step.

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Idea : Sethi, Kamal Deep; Bangalore

Pedamalli, Saikrishna; Bangalore

Paul Nadar, Rajesh; Bangalore

Ponkumar, Senthil ; Bangalore


FIELD OF APPLICATION The idea is related to traffic sign recognition using a camera system mounted in a vehicle and can be used in an advanced driver assist system, such as a speed limit assist. STATE OF THE ART

INNOVATION A solution for the recognition of such varying types of speed limit signs may use the following steps:

Advantages of this solution are :

Further embodiments of this solution are shown in the following schemes :