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Laser Welded Mesh Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249719D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-27
Document File: 4 page(s) / 1M

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Laser welding two layers of meshed fabric that have been pressed into a predetermined shape to create a more rigid mesh that can be used without a support structure in an assembly.

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1. Title of Invention

Laser Welded Mesh

2. Application / Relation to Current Projects

The use of laser welding will allow us to form the mesh into the necessary geometry needed for the assembly, without the use of a second, supporting structure/part, saving cost.

3. Field of the Invention:

Electronics, textiles, automotive, medical

4. Background:

Currently, to aid with noise canceling, we place a fabric mesh over the surface of the microphone. The mesh cannot support itself within the assembly, so it needs the assistance of a second part, to hold its form/shape, against the microphone assembly.

5. Previous Solutions:

A piece of fabric is stamped/cut to shape, the adhesive is applied to one side of the material. The fabric is then pressed/assembled into another structure (supporting structure) to be later assembled with the microphone assembly. This is costly, and the fabric does not conform well with the structure it is being assembled to. The fabric tends to bunch up, or lay against the structure, such that it has air gaps, folds, etc…

6. Description of the Invention:

We will combine two layers of fabric, one on top of the other, then laser weld the top to the bottom—welding where the individual strands of fiber touch each other. This will require that the fabric be pressed into shape, prior to the welding process. When complete, the two fabric layers we become one, holding the preformed shape from the fixturing, ready for assembly without the use of support structure.