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VistamaxxTM Performance Polymer and ExceedTM XP Performance Polymer for Exceptional Flex-crack Resistance Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249736D
Publication Date: 2017-Mar-29
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Etienne Rene Henri Lernoux: AUTHOR [+1]


Films made of Exceed XP Performance Polymers are known to deliver exceptional flex-crack and dart drop impact performance. Adding a Vistamaxx™ Performance Polymer in an Exceed™ XP film further improves flex-crack resistance while maintaining excellent dart drop impact resistance.

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VistamaxxTM Performance Polymer and ExceedTM XP Performance Polymer for  Exceptional Flex‐crack Resistance 

  Abstract  Films made of Exceed XP Performance Polymers are known to deliver exceptional flex‐crack and  dart drop  impact performance.   Adding a Vistamaxx™ Performance Polymer  in an Exceed™ XP  film  further  improves  flex‐crack  resistance  while  maintaining  excellent  dart  drop  impact  resistance.     


Sample Data and Performance  Exceed  XP  Performance  Polymers  are  polyethylene  polymers  commercialized  by  ExxonMobil  Chemical Company, Houston, TX.   They offer step‐out performance with respect  to  flex‐crack  resistance  and  dart  drop  impact.      This  step‐out  performance,  which  has  its  origins  in  the  molecular architecture of  the Exceed XP polymers,  is described  in,  for example,  International  Patent  Application  No.  PCT/US2017/016922,  filed  February  8,  2017,  herein  incorporated  by  reference.    As a resu...