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UNIT Surf Pool - A stationary wave in a body of standing water

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249849D
Publication Date: 2017-Apr-18

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An arrangement according to the invention relates to an apparatus (10) for producing a standing wave (12) in a standing water body or water basin (14). The apparatus (10) has at least one water acceleration section (32), at least one wave generation section (46) arranged downstream of the water acceleration section (32), and at least one pump (28). At least one pump (28) is arranged in such a way that, with this pump (28) water from the underwater area of the standing water body or water basin (14) can be transferred to a starting level (30) which is higher than the water level (24) of the standing water body or water basin (14), to produce a water flow directed toward the wave generation section (46) by utilizing gravity (g). Furthermore, the apparatus (10) is arranged in relation to the standing water body or water basin (14) such that the standing water body or water basin (14) is part of the wave generation section (46) with its water level (24).

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- 1​ -

Arrangement, apparatus and method for producing a standing wave in a

standing water body or water basin


The invention relates to an arrangement, an apparatus and a method for producing

a standing wave in a standing water body or water basin.

Standing water bodies are considered to be, in particular, natural lakes, reservoirs

and larger ponds, e.g. swimming ponds, in which there is no or very little flow.

Furthermore, the seas are regarded as standing water bodies, in which currents

exist, but - especially near the shore - there are usually no constant, stronger

currents in a certain direction, such as in flowing water.

In particular, swimming pools are regarded as water basins, preferably swimming

pools with a certain minimum size, preferably with a length of 15 m, of 20 m or of

25 m and with a width of at least 5 m, preferably at least 10 m and furthermore

preferably at least 15. For the sake of completeness, it should be pointed out that

even significantly larger minimum sizes can be useful, for example lengths of at

least 35 m, at least 50 m and widths of at least 20 m, or even significantly greater

minimum dimensions of lengths and widths. All length and width dimensions

explicitly stated above can be combined with one another as desired.

EP 2 066 413 B1 discloses an apparatus for producing straight standing waves in a

flowing medium, in particular in flowing water. This apparatus comprises a

transverse structure arranged perpendicular to the flow direction, which is so

aligned and has the characteristic, that the effluent is transferred from a flowing

into a shooting flow motion, that downstream connected to this transverse structure


- 2​ - in the direction of flow is an inclined ramp, at the downstream end of this ramp in

the direction of flow there is an arranged counter-ramp, a floor arranged

downstream of the ramp and counter-ramp, the base of which is arranged a height

level lower than the downstream end of the ramp and/or the upstream end of the

counter-ramp and a height adjustable flow guide body arranged in the downstream

area of the floor, at least almost as vertical to the flow direction, which deflects the

flow so that no vortex occurs, which respectively significantly affects the flow

component in the opposite direction of the main flow in the flow direction. This

apparatus is not only structurally very special and elaborate. There is also in

connection with this apparatus no possibility described for producing a standing

wave in a standing water body or a water basin.

From EP 2 356 298 B1, a ramp inclined as an artificial surfing system for

generating a standing wave is known, with water being conveyed to the upper end

of the ramp by means of at least one pump over a flow path, and the lower end of

the ramp leading into a separate wave pool. In this case, at least one guide device

is arranged in the wave pool at a distance from the lower end of the ramp in the

direction of flow. The w...