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Publication Date: 2017-Apr-26
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Safe VCSEL array with diffusor

VCSEL arrays can be used as infrared illumination device. Specific diffusor

structures can be used in order to tailor the emission pattern towards the application

requirement. The diffusor together with the extended area of the VCSEL array reduce the 5

brightness sufficiently to make the packaged product no longer subject to laser safety

regulations. The applicable LED regulations are less strict and in consumer products it is not

possible to deal with laser safety.

Available products can be easily modified by removing the diffusor plate, by

breaking it or penetrating it. Such modification may result in a non-safe laser arrangement.10

Laser safety may be enhanced by coupling the diffusor and the laser in such a

way that the laser and/or electrical connections for power supply are destroyed as soon as the

diffusor is removed or damaged.

The diffusor, which is fixed to the VCSEL array may avoid manipulations of

the laser device. Integration of the diffusor on wafer level provides a good mechanical 15

contact with the VCSEL chip such that the VCSEL is damaged as soon as it is tried to

remove or damage the diffussor.

Damage of the VCSEL may be supported by providing predetermined

breaking points or areas in the layer structure of the VCSEL (e.g. within the DBRs).

Alternatively or in addition a weak link may be provided between the semiconductor chip 20

comprising the VCSEL array and a sub-mount such that the semiconductor chip is removed

from t...