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Adaptive Seating Configuration with Smart Media Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249900D
Publication Date: 2017-Apr-26
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Adaptive Seating Configuration with Smart Media

- The current invention is related to the aircraft seating technology which is congenial to adaption of SMART media technology.

- There is no limitation on the application of this invention.

- Currently the Lower Cargo compartment areas in commercial aircraft are only used for carrying cargo. To date, no other additional usage of this available space has been explored. Use of the Cargo compartment for seating with a limited number of occupants has the psychological effect of passengers feeling isolated and encapsulated.

- In context of using the lower cargo compartment for passenger seating, the current invention provides a proprietary seating concept, which facilitates in- flight entertainment without compromising the safety of passenger seating.

- This in-flight entertainment is to engage the passengers during flight, as this lower deck doesn’t have windows.

- This arrangement makes the lower deck a premium seating experience for passengers, there by generating additional revenue for airline operators.

- Proposed Solution aims at developing an advanced adaptive seating technique, in conjunction with SMART media assistance, to keep passengers engaged and to ensure a comfortable travelling experience while meeting the required airworthiness regulations.

- One of the solutions is to display entertainment media on a larger screen in order to mimic the experience of a theatre. The audio component can be delivered through privately...