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The Matrix of life The source of the genetic code for Any Primates Alpha Satellite and Any L1 Transposonal Elements is located in Apis Dorsata Honey Bee. The following Matrix is the core of any primates Alpha Satellite region Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249925D
Publication Date: 2017-May-02

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On March 2017 we have finally found the Matrix of life The following Matrix is the core of any primates Alpha Satellite region It is also the core of any primate L1 Transposonal element The lines are from "Apis Dorsata" Giant Honey Bee Genome made by "Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory" at 24 sep 2013. It was made as a reference for the European honey bee We are now in the process of getting better reads from PacBio. In the genome, we found 22 reads, totaling 7349 BP Each of the lines is included in parts in other lines. Except from line 4 and 7. Which no one contains any part of them, and they do not contain no one else The Lines can combine in both reverse and direct into one DNA combination. And in general the Matrix seems deterministic and it does not seems to be able to evolve under traditional evolution thinking The Math involved will be discussed more in future publications. Except from the 22 reads, there is additional 23 read attached. This read is the reverse for the matrix, and its vector is designed to separate unity while the Matrix is the core of Unity8