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Perforated Fluid Balancing Filter

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249933D
Publication Date: 2017-May-03
Document File: 2 page(s) / 1M

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Title: Perforated Fluid Balancing

Authors: Dilan Fernando, Sean Fitzsimons, David Price

Disclosed is a device to prevent a fluid filled bag from trapping the fluids inside. pressure is applied to a fluid bag create fluid pockets, thus trapping pinched, thus trapping fluid user having to intervene. Even fluid trapped in pockets formed away from the nozzle area need to be funneled to the nozzle.

Another issue with fluids such as inks are particulate dropouts or other contaminants bags getting to sensitive areas of the machine. In the case of printers, the affected areas maybe printheads and intermediate ink reservoirs

The disclosed invention is a rigid perforated tube running the length of the (Figure 1). This perforated tube proposed design, there are many perforations to allow for ample fluid flow with a heavy-duty filter (Figure 2).

An alternative such as a flexible spring of design has limitation, where the spring not be as efficient as the rigid one. important that the tube be somewhat flat, in order to minimize fluid wastage, when the bag/cartridge is completely flatten

Side view of rigid perforated tube

Filter Tube

and Ryan Ransburg

/cartridge, the bag has a tendency to fold undesirably and fluid. There are instances where the nozzle area gets

and rendering a completely full bag to be unusable without the

called subtanks.

can also accommodate a filter over the tube. With the

could be used to funnel fluid to the nozzles, but this kind could move to certain areas of the b...