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Fir-Tree Clip Washer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249961D
Publication Date: 2017-May-09
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Title: Fir-Tree Clip Washer

Background: The following description and references are included with regard to their disclosed fastener

systems: Insert fasteners are commonly constructed in a variety of different configurations. One well-known

type of insert fastener which is commonly formed onto the free end of a conventional cable tie is a Christmas-tree fastener (also commonly referred to in the art as a pine-tree fastener or a fir-tree fastener). Examples of cable ties which are provided with a Christmas-tree type fastener are described in U.S. Pat. No. 5,921,510 to J.C. Benoit et al. and U.S. Pat. No. 4,342,438 to R. Speedie, both of said patents being incorporated herein by reference.


With reference to above publications, and as described below, what is disclosed here is a system that allows for an easily identification of proper seating of insert fasteners, including, but not limited to, tree clip fasteners such as mentioned above.

The fir-tree clip fastener arrangement of this disclosure includes a type of liquid washer that would allow for a color emission when the fastener is fully seated. This washer could be contained within the shoulder of the clip. When the clip is assembled and fully seated in a supporting surface, such hole in a plate or panel to hold the clip in position, the edge of the clip flange/washer would provide a visual indication of a pressure threshold applied to the fastener. For example, after a certain threshold pressure is applied t...