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Magnetic Wet-Out Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249987D
Publication Date: 2017-May-12
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Door Water shield Magnetic Applicator

Door systems require dynamic sealing from water intrusion and a water shield is used to seal the door opening once all the components are installed including wire looms, speakers and modules. Water shield contains butyl glue as adhesive and needs to adhere to the door metal. Operator needs to align the water shield to the door and compress the butyl glue to the metal around the opening perimeter using a plastic wedge tool. The process of compressing the butyl glue uniformly along the perimeter is defined as “wetout”. This process requires utmost precision and consistent wetout to the butyl glue to the door metal at 6 pounds force. If there are any gaps between the butyl glue and door metal due to lack of applied force then that will allow for a leak path for water causing leak.

A tool (magnetic applicator) is proposed that will apply 6 pounds of force on the Sheetmetal and sandwich the butyl glue in between the tool and door metal. Operator will still require applying force to install and/or wetout the water shield; however the tool will apply 6 pounds of force to wetout the water shield. Henceforth, the outcome of the new tool and operator effort will exceed the minimum force required to wetout the water shield.


Operator grasps the new magnetic applicator tool after locating the water shield to the door Sheetmetal. As the tool is guided above the butyl glue with force, it spreads the glue thereby producing bonding effect between the plastic water shield and metal. Historically, the cause of water leak was inadequate wetout of the water shield to the door metal due to lack of uniform force applied.  This tool use magnetic energy to wet out the butyl glue and the operator only needs to guide the tool with minimum force. Previous tools used for this application were dependent on the operator to push the tool and swipe around the perimeter of butyl. This can be used for any application that requires a pressure sensitive sealant or tape to be fully wetted out