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Language checking for emails Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250004D
Publication Date: 2017-May-15
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"Language checking for email" is a solution to manage links within emails. It will control automatically the languages used within the links to make sure that all recipients could read them without problem.  The objective of this idea is to prevent users from sending mail that could not be read by their recipient.

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Emails (or equivalent messaging system) are the most common mechanisms used to share information and send messages to other people such as colleagues, clients or friends.

Emails are “complex” messages that can contains links, such as URLs to redirect the interlocutor to a website for instance.

The idea described here is to validate the content of the links to be sure that the interlocutor could understand the webpage displayed via the link. A common problem would be to send a link to a website in English to a person that does not read English.

With today's messaging solution, the sender has no information reported about the links about to be shared and, even more important no correlation done by the messaging system from preventing the user to send a mail to someone that could not read the attached link because of the language.

In a sale to customer relationship for instance, sharing this kind of mail could be seen as a lack of professionalism and seriousness.

Same problem when thinking about marketing mail. A mail that contains information that will not be understandable by the customer will not be well received. Various types of user could be interested by this solution: • Sales people that need to build a good relationship with their customer. Relationship that need to look personalized. • Marketing people that want to target effectively customers and that want to catch attention with messages that deliver the highest value possible.

Description 1. Detect and report languages used in the attached links within a message. 2. Compare these languages with the language that can be read by the interlocutors. 3. Prevent to send mail that could not be...