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Predictive Data Usage Planning for Mobile With a Data Cap Based on Usage Events Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250030D
Publication Date: 2017-May-18
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A method for predicting data usage to avoid overage charges is disclosed.

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Predictive data usage planning based on usage events for a mobile device

Disclosed is a method for predicting data usage to avoid overage charges.

Some wireless data plans have a flat fee for data usage up to a fixed amount of data and charge extra when the usage exceeds that amount. This can be an issue when the data quote is used earlier of the month. What is needed is a mechanism to plan data usage based on scheduled events in calendar or other conditions (such as weather) to make sure a user has data quote for necessary daily needs (streamed music, web & email etc.) and social or scheduled needs (online gaming with friends) while reducing time for excessive consumption (streamed video and gaming) during the early days of the month, and to meet the data cap.

The disclosed method first retrieves user's data plan [cap size, 3G vs. 4G, and billing cycle], historical usage and patterns, major calendar events, durations, and the like. The method utilizes predicted data consumption including other factors (weather caused home stay etc.) and assigns each predicted data consumption a priority weight. All the information is fed into an analytics engine to obtain an optimal data usage recommendation. The engine can run as frequently as needed for predictions. Variations may be schedule based, such as, short (weekly), middle (half-month) and long term (month) for the current billing circle. The engine may also predict the day when the data quote runs out if current trends continues. Furthermore, the recommended usage can be enforced, for instance, cut off data usage, convert from 4G to 3G, or identify a recommendation. User notification can be sent based on predefined rule...