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Resolving performance issues on SaaS by prioritizing bundles of SaaS inside processes on Cloud Management level. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250042D
Publication Date: 2017-May-19
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In production reality SaaS cloud services work on complicated structures and combine many kinds and number of middleware instances. Cloud user cannot himself resolve performance issues related to some specific operations, which depend on many, mostly indirectly related processes, which work on different levels of SaaS. SaaS performance issues have to be resolved by Cloud administrator, the only user allowed to manage on each level of middleware, operating system and infrastructure configurations on Cloud. Cloud administrator has to be able to easily resolve Cloud user request to stabilize the SaaS performance. The solution provides a possibility to identify, bind and then increase priority of mentioned processes and their bundles on Cloud Management level, for Cloud Administrator user and Cloud Administrators Group members.

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Typically Cloud user of SaaS cannot access and re-configure the middleware, operating

system/s and infrastructure on Cloud to configure or re-configure it because of access

limited only to the requested software.

It results in the Cloud user not being able to resolve any performance issues which in

another case could be resolved by re-configuring the environment on levels not

accessible on SaaS.

To resolve Cloud user's request, Cloud administrator has all necessary permissions to

play with the SaaS configuration.

The main idea is to gather all information about working processes, then represent them

on Cloud Management level, then allow to identify a scope of relevant processes and

then combine them into a bundle - binding operation.

When the binding is complete, Cloud administrator is able to change - mostly raise -

priority of the whole bundle and each of the processes separately.

Direct change of a particular process's priority will override priority setting defined on the

bundle level for the particular process. Priority of a particular process cannot be higher

than the priority set for the whole bundle.

Fig. 1 Example of SaaS structure:


Performance of processes and sub-processes on software components shown in F.1

affects transaction calls initiated by the user.

Fig. 2 Processes and sub-processes on SaaS Cloud infrastructure:

Relevant processes identified for binding purpose will be initiated by transactional

trigger or will just be used - if they work continuously - in transactional process on many

Nodes with SaaS on Cloud infrastructure. Each process and sub-process can affect the