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Electrical fastening tool for fastener installation and installation process therefore Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250085D
Publication Date: 2017-May-30
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Electrical fastening tool for fastener installation and installation process therefore: IP.COM


The idea generally relates to an electrical tool with smart technology. In particular it relates to an electrical fastening tool for fastener installation and an installation process therefore.

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Electrical fastening tool for fastener installation and installation process therefore: The idea generally relates to assembly lines of aircraft. In primary and secondary structure lockbolt fasteners are used. Today the lockbolt fastener installation process in aircraft manufacturing can be noisy and tools may not be ergonomically for the operators (e.g. pressured air tubes, vibration, weight, and handling). As well, quality checks after an installation of lockbolt fasteners are mandatory. The tool as per the described idea could also have (electrical) features, like LED light for better visual observation by the operator, a counting device to count the installed fasteners and to check if all fasteners are installed, process monitoring like OK/NOK signal for operator or the quality department. The main idea is to apply a specific and defined swaging force by an electrical fastening tool. With this feature a new installation process could be realized to have a more silent lockbolt. A silent Lockbolt fastener could be used with an electrical tool. Furthermore all positive aspects of an electrical, smart tool could be used. Furthermore a battery pull in tool for lockbolt fasteners could be realised. This is needed to pull in the fastener in interference fit applications where it is required or pneudraulic pull in tools are used. Technical means of the idea: Electrical tool with smart technology and current offset installation head for swaged fastener installation. Methods of the idea: An electrical tool for lockbolt fastener installation can be used to use a new installation sequence to allow a silent lockbolt installation: Firstly a lockbolt collar is swaged with defined and precise force, secondly a pintail of the lockbolt can be torqued or bend off and lastly and no quality check of fastener after installation is needed anymore Details and principal of the new idea: The structural and pri...