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System for automated luggage checklist Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250087D
Publication Date: 2017-May-30
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TITLE: System for automated luggage checklist

The system consists of a few elements: 1) An engine that creates a checklist of items that should be packed up for a travel, 2) RFID tags assigned to important items, 3) An RFID scanner. The idea of this proposal is the system that * automatically generates a luggage check list, * collects information what items have already packed up based on RFID tags assigned to items, * and then reports what items should be packed up yet, what items should be unpacked, and what items are forbidden for the travel. Currently, the most popular solution to pack up luggage is to create a luggage checklist manually or get a template of such a list (e.g. from a travel site), then pack items from the list, and finally double check if all items are packed up. The manual process is usually time consuming and after all we still can forget about important items because of an incomplete checklist or belief that some items have been already packed. It is also possible to pack items that are prohibited during a travel, for example some tools, food, or sporting goods. There is no system that allows to automatically verify content of luggage and advise packing/repacking/unpacking items required for the travel. One of the main elements of the proposal is an engine that creates a checklist of items that should be packed up for a travel depending on: * the starting point and destination of the travel, * time and period of the travel, * predicted weather, * type...