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System and method for automated configuration of the monitoring agents usign cognitive system. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250091D
Publication Date: 2017-May-31
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TITLE: System and method for automated configuration of the monitoring agents usign cognitive system. Abstract Nowadays, modern infrastructure is usually cloud based and changes very dynamically. A lot of time is spent by administrators of monitoring tools to adjust the configuration and deployment of the monitoring agents on such platforms. Dynamic environment changes, applications, middleware and os upgrades and modification require constant redeployment of the monitoring agents, which requires a lot of effort from the administration teams. The automated, cognitive way of deploying such agents which ensures adherence to best practices, company standards and historical data saves a lot of time of managing monitoring in complex environments. The invention imports the attributes of the infrastructure imported from the external discovery system. After cognitive system serializes best practices and compliance standards from natural language data (e.g. internet, policies), and historical data stored within the automatic monitoring advisor engine, the engine produces the configuration of the agents. Templates once approved by the administrator, are initiating automated monitoring agents deployed to the infrastructure.


1. Usage of External Discovery System data for describing scope for monitoring 2. Usage of Cognitive system for serialization of best practices and compliance data from two data sources

3. Automated configuration and self-adjustment of monitoring agents including alerting thresholds based on: a) External Discovery systems data for scope b) Cognitively serialized best practices c) Cognitively serialized compliance/company standards d) Historical monitoring data Description: The following methods provide information on the way how system works

Method Steps Description: 1. Get the serialized components data from discovery system. The crucial part is unique identifier of the component and class of the component (e.g. Database, Applciation Server, OS) 2. Check if components exists in the advisory system's data store

3. If no, all serialized attributes are added to the data store. 4. If yes all components need to be grouped based on the class of the component. 5. For each of the classes the following steps are performed 6. Using cognitive system natural language interpreter, the best practices attributes are defined

7. Using cognitive system natural language interpreter, the compliance company standards are serialized

8. Using historical data from monitoring systems, monitoring attributes are adjusted to meet the specific particular component type requirements

9. Agents configuration templates are prepared covering best practices, company standards and historical data.

10. On the Monitoring systems Identify components for monitoring with given templates 11. On the monitoring systems prepare the list of templates and deployment plan for monitorin...