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Cognitive analysis of WWW links embedded in e-mails for security enhancement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250116D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-01
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TITLE: Cognitive analysis of WWW links embedded in e-mails for security enhancement Abstract for this article

There is huge security issue linked to the WWW links embedded in incoming mails, as it is very common vector of attack. Usual way for encouraging e-mail recipient to click on link embedded in e-mail is visual similarity to the link that may come in benevolent e- email.

For example, user may expect e-mail from bank with embedded link like: “”, which may be substituted for one looking alike, e.g. “”; which lead to the click being executed by user, with dangerously severe security consequences.

Spotting such links may difficult task even for security trained user, due to natural way of matching patterns for similar objects.

Our proposal may be considered as addition for e-mail processing program. Our goal is to positively mark proper links and disable non-proper ones.

To be able to do this, we will compile a knowledge base of proper domain names, e.g. for banks, we will extract list of authorized banks from registry and assign to them proper, confirmed domain names. For other important industries, we will do the same. Such database obviously will be required to be regularly vetted and expanded as desired. Such process may be automated or having some degree of manual input.

On-site information about locally important and trusted domains (e.g. might be added also.

Then, after receiving e-mail, e-mail content will be automatically reviewed and strings consisting links will be automatically extracted, using common text processing toolbox.

These strings will be compared against knowledgebase, and only valid one will be left in e-mail body intact. All the other ones, will be secured to mak...