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Cognitive product sales advisor Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250125D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-02
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TITLE: Cognitive product sales advisor 1. Background

Number of software products offered by different vendors is overwhelming for customers.

1) Client does not know what product to buy to fulfill their needs and multiple sales people who are in

contact with customer are frequently concentrated only on the products they sale, not necessary on

what product would be best for customer.

2) Nowadays server software infrastructure is so big and complicated that it is really hard to track the

actual state and even more difficult to predict the future software and hardware needs.

3) Client is frequently not aware about approaching End Of Support (EOS) date for their software and

replacement products

Disclosed idea solves all above problems by implementation of Cognitive Sales Advisor extension as a

part of software asset management solution.

2. Summary of Invention

The core idea is to extend Software Asset Management solution with Cognitive Sales Advisor which

leverages its current and historical data to help customers in software and hardware procurement.

SAM solution already gathers all necessary information about customer and his environment which is

needed for Cognitive Sales Advisor to solve above mentioned problems. It can easily create a customer

profile (size of a company, industry, growth rate) based on analysis of SAM solution data such as

deployed software, hardware and their use.

Based on company profile, it can suggest :

1) What software can benefit customer right now (based on profile comparison)

2) What software will they need in future (based on profile comparison, growth rate and software

utilization information)

3) What hardware will they need in future (based on profile comparison, growth rate and hardware

utilization information)

4) What software needs to be replaced soon (based on deployed software information)

All of above information will be provided to customer as customized report, which will help them make

better and more informed decisions in their hardware and software procurement planning. Currently

such customized reports are created by specialized consulting companies and that is neither cheap or


3. Description:

1. SAM gathers client data as usual. SAM receives updates; quarterly updates are enhanced by...