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Method and system for cloud services federation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250127D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-02
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TITLE: Method and system for cloud services federation


Different Cloud Providers allow the deployment of a cloud application in multiple datacenters also

geographically distributed. Each provide offer a set of builtin services that the user can embed in his

solution based on any specific business need and being charged according to the pricing model of the

specific service. It is usually up to the cloud user to decide which provider/datacenter can be used based

on the list of services offered and any other performance or business constraint.

The common issue in that this way the user will be allowed to use only services belonging to his choice

requiring the missing services to be locally implemented.

Summary of Invention

It is an object of current disclosure to propose a method and a system to provide a fully integrated

platform that can offer the user the service(s) that are available in multiple cloud providers without

requiring additional effort and with the same level of service.

According to that solution when a user on a cloud platform in order to create an enterprise solution

requires a service that is not available on that platform will be proposed with a set of additional services

that can be leveraged with the same approach used for services local to the platform. Once the

'additional' service is identified a mechanism will allow the usage of the service in a different cloud

provider through a mechanism of service in-direction that will be transparent to the user.

In this way the user is able to view the list of services available on others cloud providers and possibly

decide to instantiate and use it maintaining the single cloud subscription and the single provider


On the other side the multiple cloud providers will have a set of real customer plus a set of virtual

customers represented by other cloud providers.


The idea can be realized through a simple pluggable component - PROVIDERS_MANAGER that will allow

the user the access to one or more cloud providers based on user defined profile. The access to different

cloud providers can happen through two different approach:

• provider-managed: it is the provider itself that provide the users a sort of virtual user defined in

each different cloud provider in order to leverage its services and related costs

• user-managed: it is the customer profile containing his credentials to remote cloud providers as

well as a sort of affinity group to decide the priorities and preferences in the usage

Based on a configurable parameter we can have an initial synchronization phase where the provider

gather, leveraging the virtual or real accounts, the list of global available services and or the

synchronization can happen according to a search broadcasting approach. This initialization phase will

also inject and activate a second remote pluggable component SERVICE_MANAGER that will be

responsible to collaborate with the provider_manager to manifest services availability...