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Cowl NVH Pad Assembly Aid Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250161D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-07
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Noise, Vibration, and Harshness Mastic Patch Installation Tool

Often times when building a new vehicle, there are special considerations that need to take place with parts and various areas of the vehicle.  These parts or areas of the vehicle may have sensitive or critical parts of subsystems that are nearby or may become affected, if the proper procedures are in place.  This disclosed installation tool and procedure came to fruition due to the close proximity to the steering subsystem.


The installation tool can be made of a solid material, and then have the appropriate holes drilled into it.  Or it can be a simple SLA-3D print of the custom designed tool.

Fig 1. Installation Tool

Fig 2. Installation Process using tool

[1.] Insert tool from inside of vehicle, on steering system cutout hole.

[2.] Place right hand side NVH pad in location making sure to avoid part contact to the installation tool.

[3.] Repeat [2.] for left hand side of NVH pad.

[4.] Remove the installation tool and inspect that NVH pads are not encroaching past hole edge.


Anything dealing with steering is considered a severe safety issue.  With program already in production I had to come up with an alternative way to install the NVH pads rather than involving other commodities such as sheet metal to add locating features.

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