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A method to customize management pages for reverse proxies Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250177D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-07
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A method to customize management pages for reverse proxies

Disclosed is a method to customize management pages for reverse proxies.

Reverse proxies manage users' access for web applications. Reverse proxies also maintain management

pages such as login pages and logout pages. In general, web application managers customize

management pages.

When a web application manager decides to update management pages, they cannot update the pages

by themselves. They must request reverse proxy managers to update the pages.

The disclosed method enables the web application managers to update the management pages by the

following steps.

1. Web applications prepare REST APIs. The REST APIs return information for customizing

management pages. For example, /application.json HTTP GET request returns

{application_name: "Great Health Care"}.

2. Management pages stored in a reverse proxy contain the following the script program.

a. Determines a Web application from URL.

b. Calls a REST API to get information for customizing the management page.

c. Customizes the management page using the returned information.

3. A web browser reads the management page. The script program in the management page calls

a REST API, and customizes the management page.